Enabling Technologies for Precision Drug Delivery in the GI Tract


Soteria® is a revolutionary new technology that allows patients to take biopharmaceutical drugs, including monoclonal antibodies, as a simple and safe tablet or capsule.


Phloral® is a cutting-edge technology for precise and consistent delivery to the colon. It exploits changes in gastrointestinal pH in combination with the enzymatic activity of the microbiota as independent but complementary release mechanisms to guarantee site-specific release.

Pipeline of Oral Biologics

Featured News

Intract Pharma Limited and Celltrion Group announce collaboration for development of oral Infliximab.

Intract Pharma and N&S Pharmacy Investment announce partnership to develop orally-delivered GLP-1R agonist peptide therapeutic

Intract Pharma and Elasmogen Ltd announce collaboration to discover and develop novel, orally-delivered protein therapeutics