October 17, 2018 | Featured

Intract’s Phloral® technology rated among top emerging drug delivery technologies

An independent review published by Pharmaceutical Technology has listed Intract Pharma’s Phloral® technology among top 4 approaches to oral drug delivery which offer more patient-centric drug delivery for improved patient outcomes.

The review recognizes that the radical improvement in targeting of medications to the colon achieved by Phloral® offers direct benefit to patients by ensuring that medicines consistently reach the appropriate site of action irrespective of gastrointestinal pH variation or transit times as may be exhibited in patients with gastrointestinal illness.

The review discusses three additional earlier-stage technologies from both commercial companies and academia and which are set to revolutionize drug delivery in their fields.


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  1. Siew, “Emerging Technologies Advance Oral Drug Delivery,” Pharmaceutical Technology42 (6) 18–20 (2018).

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