March 27, 2019 | Phloral

Intract Pharma announces market launch of a first Phloral® colon-targeting product

London, England, 27th March 2019.

Intract Pharma has announced the launch of a first product incorporating its colon targeting technology, Phloral®. The product, called Yaldigo®/Asacol 1600 which has been created and is marketed by Tillotts Pharma AG, Switzerland, is a novel therapeutic for treatment of ulcerative colitis which incorporates Phloral® to facilitate targeting of the drug product to the site of disease in the colon.

Phloral® utilises a unique dual-trigger mechanism to ensure accurate release of the drug in the colon, irrespective of gastrointestinal transit time and pH. The unique Phloral ® mechanism, in which drug release is achieved through the actions of enzymes specifically produced by the colonic microbiome is available exclusively through Intract Pharma.

The Phloral® technology has been licensed to Tillotts Pharma AG for use with mesalazine and is available for licence from Intract for other drugs.

Commenting, Bill Lindsay, CEO of Intract said “Launch of the Tillotts Product is a landmark for Intract Pharma and provides further validation of our Phloral technology as the only clinically proven means to reliably and consistently target the colon”

Intract offers the Phloral® technology under licence and is developing Phloral®-based products in-house for out-licensing into clinical development.

For more information please contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 7691 4918.

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