October 24, 2019 | Featured

Intract’s Soteria® and Phloral® Technologies Highlighted Among Revolutionary Approaches to Crack Oral Biologics Delivery Challenge

A feature published by the Pharmaceutical Journal, one of the largest worldwide pharmacy member-based publications, highlights Intract Pharma’s unique approach to oral delivery of biologics, focusing especially on targeted delivery of monoclonal antibodies.

The article explores the obstacles associated with oral delivery of insulin and the current approaches being researched to tackle this challenge. The article finishes by casting a spotlight on Intract Pharma’s unique approach to target biologics for local GI diseases.

Dr Vipul Yadav, Director of Research at Intract Pharma, said “Only when our pill reaches the large intestines is when the coating is dissolved by the [higher] pH, as well as the presence of the microbiome. The bacteria that reside in the large intestines eat up the [polysaccharide] coating,”

“High accumulation of the antibody in the gut lumen allows it to enter into the tissue where it can neutralise inflammatory biomarkers, like tumour necrosis factor (TNF) — the major inflammatory pathways that are activated in diseases like Crohn’s [disease] and ulcerative colitis,” says Dr Yadav.

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