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Elasmogen and Intract Enter License Agreement for Soteria® and Phloral® Technologies

Intract Pharma Limited London, UK (“Intract”), and Elasmogen Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland (“Elasmogen”) have announced a global license agreement that gives Elasmogen exclusive access to Soteria® and Phloral® technologies for oral colonic delivery of therapeutic proteins, deriving from Elasmogen’s soloMER™ platform, for an undisclosed target for treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The license agreement builds upon the research collaboration the two companies entered in to in May 2020 that involved pre-clinical evaluation of Soteria® and Phloral® technologies utilising Elasmogen’s multi-valent, novel inflammatory cytokine binding soloMER™ protein therapeutics. Acceleration of this research and development effort is facilitated by a recent £8M funding round announced by Elasmogen and a £1.5M Innovate Future Leaders grant.  This grant funding in particular is specifically focused on Elasmogen’s auto-immune programs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Intract will receive an undisclosed upfront payment followed by development milestone payments and royalties on product sales. Elasmogen will have the option to expand the license agreement for up to four additional targets.

‘’We are excited to build on our ongoing partnership with Elasmogen to create new transformative delivery options for innovative protein medicines to meet the unmet needs of millions of patients suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel disease,’’ said Vipul Yadav, CEO at Intract Pharma. ‘’We believe oral targeted protein medicines are the future of IBD therapies and our collaboration with Elasmogen keeps building on our mission to bring innovative oral biologic therapies to patients.’’

“Securing this agreement with Intract enables us to deliver our incredibly potent anti-inflammatory soloMERs directly where they are needed in the GI tract, minimizing off-site adverse effects and maximizing clinical outcomes” said Caroline Barelle, CEO of Elasmogen. “We are really looking forward to working with the Intract team to expand our growing, differentiated pipeline of therapeutic biologics”.

About Intract Pharma

Intract Pharma is biopharmaceutical company bringing disruptive oral biologics delivery solutions to significantly improve the efficacy and safety of emerging and established biotherapeutics and improve patient experience and outcome. The platform leverages the advantage of delivering large proteins/antibodies to the colon, while also protecting the biologics from enzymatic breakdown allowing tissue/systemic uptake to create next generation oral biologic medicines. For more information visit us at

About Elasmogen

Elasmogen is a privately held biopharmaceutical company located in the thriving biologics cluster in Aberdeen, Scotland. The company is rapidly progressing a pipeline of next-generation soloMER products for the treatment solid-tumour cancers, systemic inflammatory diseases and inflammatory conditions of the gut. The company’s proprietary technology is protected by a robust and layered IP portfolio covering the generation, humanization, half-life extension, products and product formats.

Intract Media Contact

Dr Vipul Yadav


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Elasmogen Media Contact

Dr Caroline Barelle


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