November 08, 2022 | Featured

Intract Announces Publication on Pre-clinical Data with Merck & Co. on Colon Targeted Delivery of JAK Inhibitor using Phloral® Technology

Intract Pharma London, UK (“Intract”) has today announced a publication on the collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA, on the pre-clinical proof-of-concept study evaluating colon targeted delivery of JAK inhibitor using the Phloral® technology in the journals of Pharmaceutics (

The study demonstrated the validation of gastric emptying and lower GI release of enteric Phloral coated capsules in a rat model, enhanced tissue PK and reduced systemic PK of tofacitinib when delivered to the lower GI compared to immediate-release formulations which led to superior downregulation of proinflammatory IL6 in a LPS induced rat colitis model.

The research conducted over 3 years between scientists from Intract and Merck & Co. successfully demonstrates the potential for oral targeted delivery of JAK inhibitor to achieve improved efficacy through enhanced colon tissue concentration, and better safety profile by minimizing systemic exposure since JAK inhibitors have been linked to serious cardiovascular and cancer events1.

“This research is another example of how targeted delivery of commercially available therapies can improve upon their safety and efficacy currently being achieved by conventional formulations,” said Vipul Yadav, CEO at Intract Pharma. “We look forward to building further on this research and validating the concept in large animals and eventually in patients suffering from moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis where there is a critical need for safer JAK inhibitor medicines to allow improved patient access.”

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Intract Pharma is biopharmaceutical company bringing disruptive oral small molecule and biologics delivery solutions to significantly improve the efficacy and safety of emerging and established biotherapeutics and improve patient experience and outcome. The platform leverages the advantage of delivering large proteins/antibodies to the colon, while also protecting the biologics from enzymatic breakdown allowing tissue/systemic uptake to create next generation oral biologic medicines. For more information visit us at

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