Dynamic Dissolution

An Advanced Bio-Relevant System to
Precisely Evaluate In Vitro Drug Release

In vitro dissolution testing is a critical tool to control the quality of pharmaceutical products and guide formulation development. However, traditional approaches are often crude, inaccurate measures of actual intestinal release behavior in humans.

The Dynamic Dissolution Model builds upon conventional apparatus but incorporates a unique bicarbonate-based media controlled by a patented Auto pH System™. These innovative features characterize the dynamic environment of the GI tract and modulate parameters crucial to dissolution and drug release. This provides greater ability to accurately discriminate between formulations.

Advanced in vitro dissolution testing to accurately determine gastrointestinal release behavior

Proprietary bicarbonate based media which closely replicates the composition of luminal fluids

Patented Auto pH system™ to precisely modulate pH and mimic GI conditions during transit

Simulate intra-subject and disease specific variability by adapting pH and transit time

Precise in vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVICs) compared to conventional testing

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